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Personal Project


I participated in a reanimate project to celebrate OTGW's 5th anniversary. We took on three shots using a mix of 2D animation in TVPaint and live sets made from felt and cut paper.


Roles: Animation and Compositing

Shannon Parayil: background design/painting 

Maria Paz Muñoz Balharry: crafted the live set


Senior Film - DigiPen Institute of Technology

2017 - 2019

A 3 minute short film about a 10 year old girl named Harper who 'flaps'. Flapping is a self-stimulatory (stimming) behavior used by individuals who need extra sensory input. Harper twitches and moves her hands so that her imagination can come to life. In this story, Harper learns for the first time that diverging behavior is not accepted by society.

You can follow this film's development on our Facebook page or through our Youtube!

  • Facebook - Black Circle
  • YouTube - Black Circle

Roles: Director, Story Artist, Animator, Lead Character Designer, VFX Artist

Watch the film:


This contest is held yearly for matriculated college students in art/animation programs. In 24 hours, teams of 5 are tasked with creating a 30 second short film based on a theme. All art, story, assets, sound, etc. must be created within the 24 hours.


2018's theme: "Depict a strong point of view educating your audience about the need to have empathy. Animate an experience that will help convey to the audience what it is really like to speak your truth." Of 2018's 219 entries, our short placed 45th.

Roles: Story Artist, Lead Animator, Character Designer

Watch the film:


2018 24 Hours Animation Contest for Students

October 5th-6th, 2018


Sophomore Film - DigiPen Institute of Technology


Two mischievous twins will do anything to get their hands on the cookie jar on top of the fridge.

Roles: Director, Lead Story Artist, Lead Animator, Character Designer

Watch the Best Of:

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